Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project

Who Qualifies?

The Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project is for feral (wild) or shy stray cats in the following counties and cities within these counties:

  • Albemarle
  • Buckingham
  • Fluvana
  • Greene
  • Louisa
  • Nelson
  • Orange

What Services are offered?


Anyone caring for a feral unowned cat or cats in these areas who wants to stop cat overpopulation while allowing the existing cats to live out their lives may participate in our program, which includes:

For spay/neuter assistance for a tame or owned cat or dog, see the resources on our National Spay/Neuter Programs, Virginia Spay/Neuter Programs, and Veterinary Expenses Assistance Programs pages.

Voices for Animals completes the following:

  • Sterilize feral and shy stray cats
  • Provide routine vaccinations at the time of surgery
  • Permanently crop the left ear of sterilized cats for identification
  • Lend out traps for humane trapping and transportation to and from clinics

Voices for Animals does NOT:

  • Sterilize owned pets or strays adopted by the finder (except in targeted areas)
  • Accept cats for adoption
  • Relocate cats
  • Participate in cat trapping for euthanasia (except when health issues warrant this)
  • Participate in cat trapping for release to animal shelters

How is the Feral Cat Project funded?


We rely on volunteer labor and donations from the public to keep our programs running. Our handful of dedicated volunteers work very hard to raise the money to fund our clinics and subsidized spay/neuter program. Please see our Ways to Help page for more information on how you can help us continue to offer this service.