HOWS for Dogs

We are delighted to announce that the merger of Voices for Animals with the HOWS Project has been approved.


Both Voices for Animals and HOWS exist to address needs that are not traditionally filled by local animal sheltering and control agencies. Voices started the area’s first spay/neuter program for community cats, and we continue to advocate for all animals, including farm animals and wildlife. The Houses of Wood and Straw (HOWS) Project provides proper housing, straw bedding, and other comforts for neglected outdoor dogs. By combining forces, we can strengthen the leadership of both groups and streamline administrative tasks. We can also harness the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers from both organizations to address the needs of animals in Central Virginia and to expand the number of animals we can help.


Learn more about the HOWS Project by visiting the website and the HOWS Project Facebook page. We especially encourage you to sign up to receive Stacey’s informative and picture-filled HOWS updates by contacting her at You’ll learn about the dogs that HOWS is currently helping, check in on some of the dogs who have already been helped, and find out how you can volunteer your time to deliver a warm, comfy house to dogs with inadequate shelter. Some of Voices’ long-time volunteers have already gotten involved with the tireless folks at HOWS and have been impressed and inspired by their work.