Can You Help Us Carry the Load?



Can You Help Us Carry the Load?

We need people who can drive their SUV or truck, or perhaps provide a trailer, as we deliver dog houses to those in need of an improved outdoor shelter.

Our HOWS (Houses of Wood and Straw) Project is asking for your help. There is no obligation. We deliver on Saturdays, so you decide the date when you and your vehicle will be available, and we will work with you.

Would your employer like to make a bigger footprint in the community? Ask him or her if you can borrow the cargo van or truck and let us know when you are available. We can reimburse for gasoline.

We will be very grateful for your time and effort and the use of your vehicle, and the dogs will be especially grateful this winter when the temperature drops!

If you can help, please call Stacey at: 434-882-1847.

Thank you!

When You Plan Your Estate

If you have a cargo van, truck or trailer in reasonably good condition, please consider donating it to Voices for Animals in your estate plan. Remember, all donations are tax deductible and it will certainly be put to good use.

Thank you!

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