The Rainbow Bridge
“Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge”…Please click here to continue reading this beautiful, touching poem.

Rainbow Bridge is a Grief Support Community for those who are hurting from the death of a beloved pet. They were not “just a pet”, they are our family. Create a Rainbow Bridge Memorial which you care for as the Guardian of your pet’s memory.

Together we can begin the journey to healing a broken heart… until the day comes when you meet once again and cross over the Rainbow Bridge.”
— Author Unknown

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The resources listed below are here to give you some choices in finding affordable veterinary and spay / neuter services.

Veterinary Expense Assistance Programs will provide some options to find affordable veterinary care in our area.

Virginia Spay / Neuter Programs lists some low-cost spay / neuter programs to consider.

National Spay / Neuter Programs offers some choices for spay / neuter services outside of Virginia.