Walton Middle School Students Build Dog Houses for HOWS Project

Eighth graders at Walton Middle School are building dog houses in connection with the Houses of Wood and Straw project or HOWS.

The goal is to help families out in the winter months that have dogs outside in the cold. Students put together wooden houses with straw inside
to help dogs stay warm.

“In the summer they can get on top and in the winter they can get inside and it’s insulated, so they don’t have wind on them,” says Spencer Brookman, 8th grader.

“It just feels good because you get to know that you are helping dogs in the community survive,” says Dakota Wine, 8th grader.

The volunteers at Voices for Animals and the HOWS Project want to say thank you! to the students at Walton Middle School for helping dogs to keep warm in these cold winter months.

Thanks to the CBS News staff at newsplex.com for this story.

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